Our Access Groups give you access to God, His Word and the opportunity to meet other believers for encouragement and spiritual growth.
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Access Group FAQ's

Q.  My house is kind of small, can I still host a group?

A. Of course, a small group is basically 3 or more people, so don't worry about the size of your space, it's your hospitality that matters most!

Q. I've never led a group before, how would I even start?  What would we talk about?

A.  We have resources and tools to help you get started.  Each week we can provide you with talking points and questions relative to Sunday's message.  We even have a discipleship program for new believers.  We will follow up with you after your group meets to see how things are going and to answer any questions you may have, and to help you grow and develop in your ability to better facilitate your access group.

Q.  Does my group have to be people that attend RLM?

A.  Not at all!  If you have a group of friends and/or family that you have been ministering to, this is a great opportunity to grow together in the things of the Lord.  We can provide the tools you need to help them.

Q.  I'm interested in hosting, but what if I can't make a long term commitment?

A.  That's ok!  To get started, all we ask is a 4-week commitment.  After 4 weeks we'll see how things are going and you and your group can decide for yourselves how you want to continue.  

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