Our Mission

Real Living Ministries is called to change the culture by impacting the seven mountains of influence: Religion, Family, Government, Education, Arts & Media, Defend & Protect and Economy.

We believe we will do that by re-establishing the

Tabernacle of David as the model for church life.

The altar of sacrifice was central to the tabernacle of Moses. Prior to David, the priests were only given one day a year to minister to God; the rest of the year the focus was on the people’s sins. When David became King, he hired worshippers and musicians to minister to God 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In the tabernacle of David, the worship of God was central. It is the same at RLM.

With the heart of David, RLM is changing the model for church structure. Our emphasis is put on Jesus the King - looking forward to His second coming. The emphasis in the church has been to look back at His first coming - Jesus as Servant on the Cross. Holy Spirit is beginning to shift the Bride’s attention to Her Bridegroom. This shift will bring heaven to earth, empowering the saints to bring the salvation of Jesus Christ to the world. Moses had God’s structural design; David had God’s heart. We at RLM want both!

The Tabernacle of Moses had three parts to it and so does Real Living Ministries...

The Outer Court

In the tabernacle of Moses, the outer court was the place of atonement. The masses came to the priests who made sacrifices on their behalf for the forgiveness of sin. At RLM, we believe the market place to be the outer court. Those in covenant with us are being equipped as priests to provide the gospel of salvation to our community in the work place, our neighborhoods, schools, etc.

The Holy Place

The Holy Place was the place of worship and intimacy with God. Only the priests entered the Holy Place; it was not for the masses. We consider our Sunday morning church service to be the Holy Place. The worship of God is the focus on Sunday mornings, not man, and the RLM family is being equipped to be worshippers and strategic disciples of Jesus Christ. It is our passion to release disciples into the market place fully armed with the knowledge of who they are in Christ and the tools to make them supernatural at what they are called to do. We are dedicated to seeing supernatural moms on the PTA as well as supernatural CEO’s of large companies. If you want to be armed and dangerous with a strategy from heaven to walk in your destiny, come join us!

The Holy of Holies

The Holy of Holies was the place of God’s Presence. Here the priest encountered God personally. Our Unleashed Healing Center is what we consider to be the Holy of Holies. Our staff are trained tour guides, not travel agents. They are leading people into, not just telling people about, the secret place of the Most High or place of encounter with God (Ps. 91). We are activating spiritual gifts and inner healing. We are equipping the saints to have ears to hear and eyes to see what God is saying and doing, empowering them with expectation for the supernatural and releasing them into our community as priests. For more information, explore the Unleashed Healing Center.