realXperience course

Revelation is the reason for and the privilege of human existence. It is the one thing God longs to share with us. It is the one thing Satan refuses to let us have without a fight.

Central to this battle for intimacy lies the human heart. It is God Who desires to reveal His love to mankind. It is Satan who has reduced that love to rules and regulations. The religious spirit attempts to rob God of the love affair He created us for. Those prepared with the prophetic anointing can hear God’s heart in the midst of the battle and are committed to unite God with His Bride.

God is looking for voluntary lovers.  
Will you be one of them?

“Now concerning Spiritual gifts… I do not want you to be ignorant…

follow the way of love and eagerly desire the spiritual gifts.”

                                                                                      (1Cor. 12:1; 14:1)

Holy Spirit has equipped the church with spiritual gifts to help us accomplish reconciliation.

This course will empower you to recognize, utilize, and release the prophetic anointing through Biblical instruction, impartation and activations.