The realXperience is RLM's process for developing covenant relationships and equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

We have designed three phases of leadership, each offering a greater degree of empowerment, moving you forward in ministry.

Developing Covenant Relationships:

It is our intent to develop covenant relationships. By this, we mean relationships that are eternal, empowering and bound together by the same spiritual DNA.

Our passion is to invest our time, talents and treasures into the faithful ones, as 2 Tim. 2:2 instructs…

“Impart these things to faithful men,

who will in turn impart them to others.”

The realXperience Leadership Process allows an individual to get to know us, our vision and our mission. It also gives our community of believers the training they need to serve, assist or lead in various ministries at RLM.

Our team is dedicated to train and release the faithful disciple into their destiny, through each of the three phases designed to equip you.

STEP ONE: Honor (Serve in Ministry)

Are you thinking about connecting with us and want to learn how to get involved?

1) Register for the Get REAL Workshop

Join Perry and Joy for a Saturday breakfast to hear the testimony of Real Living and get to know their vision for ministry and covenant relationship.

Are you ready to serve?

2) Complete and turn in the Covenant Application

3) Purchase and Complete “Your DNA Design” & “The Ezekiel One Personality Profile” tests and discuss your results with an RLM leader.

Completing step one will allow you to serve in the various ministries you desire by volunteering in the practical aspects of the Apostolic Center.

For example, welcome and greet, usher, offer hospitality with coffee service, assist with the audio/visual, nursery, serve during special events and services, etc.

STEP TWO: Freedom (Assist in Leadership)

1) Register for the 12 week realXperience Culture Class

This class includes a study on the 12 core values of Real Living based on Joy’s book, “Becoming Lovers - the Journey from Disciple of Christ to Bride of Christ”.

NOTE: It may be recommended that you take an additional one-on-one mentorship class.

2) Attend an Administration Class: 9-10am on a Sunday (date tbd)

Learn the flow of communication and the administrative process with the RLM office.

Completing step two will allow you to assist the leadership of the various ministries you desire by coming alongside a ministry leader and assisting them.

For example, be a part of the worship team, assist in the children’s ministry, etc.

STEP THREE: Passion (Lead in Ministry)

Crescendo Academy (Advanced Leadership and Continuing Education)

Daring Greatly
Transformational Living
Discover Purpose
Dimensions (Understanding the Spirit Realm)
P.R.O.B.E. (Prophetic Training)
Completing step three will allow you to lead in the ministry that you desire and be a released leader for Real Living Ministries. As a released leader you will be in a position to impart and develop other potential leaders.

For example, lead worship, teach RealXperience classes and develop a new ministry, etc.

Additional Information:
What is Crescendo Academy?

Crescendo Academy was developed as the RLM School of Ministry for the purpose of training leaders in the Five-Fold Ministry and the Seven Mountains of Influence.

Does this leadership process also qualify me to be a life coach for the UnLeashed Healing Center?

Completing step two in the leadership process will open doors for you to be used at the Healing Center’s “Tour the Experience” events. Additional training is needed to be a life coach.

If I have already completed step two in the leadership process, can I sit in on the class again?

Yes, once you have completed the leadership process, you can sit in on the new classes. Each class has limited seating, so it will be subject to availability. However, you do have continued access to the class content on the private Facebook group page.

Join One of Our Spring, Fall or Winter Workshops

If you are interested in being equipped for leadership, want to receive a deeper understanding of God’s word and/or desire an intimate experience with each person of the Trinity, then become involved with our realXperience.  

All are Welcome, RLM attendance is not required.

For additional information you may call the office anytime at 330.965.6300