The realXperience is RLM's process for developing covenant relationships and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. 

We have designed three phases of leadership, each offering a greater degree of empowerment, moving you forward in ministry.

Developing Covenant Relationships:

It is our intent to develop covenant relationships. By this, we mean relationships that are eternal, empowering and bound together by the same spiritual DNA.

Our passion is to invest our time, talents and treasures into the faithful ones, as 2 Tim. 2:2 instructs…

Impart these things to faithful men,

who will in turn impart them to others.”

The realXperience Leadership Process allows an individual to get to know us, our vision and our mission. It also gives our community of believers the training they need to serve, assist or lead in various ministries at RLM.

Our team is dedicated to train and release the faithful disciple into their destiny, through each of the three phases designed to equip you.  


Equips the individual to serve in various ministries under the direct mentorship of a Released Leader or Staff Member

realXperience Requirements:

1. Covenant Application/Covenant Class

2. Culture of Honor (Joy and Perry Chickonoski)

3. “Discover You” Motivational Gift, Passion and Skill Assessment 

Character Development:

1. Submission: Learning to take a supporting role with God and the church.

2. Devotion: Demonstrating the ability to hear God and obey what He says no matter the cost. 

3. Grace: Breaking free from obligation; learning to enjoy the advantages of accountability through church attendance and tithing.

4. Honor: Being bold enough to express your perspective and gift without fear of rejection, and humble enough to have your opinion changed.


Equips the individual to begin to lead in various ministries under the direct mentorship of a Released Leader or Staff Member

realXperience Requirements:

1. Recommendation from your "phase one" team captain

2. Seeing God

3. Firm Foundations

4. Personal Un-Reeling (Experience the Unleashed Healing Center)

Character Development:

1. Surrender: Learning to embrace repentance and overcome offense.
2. Humility: Remaining teachable as you grow in your skills and understanding.
3. Freedom: Celebrating your identity in Christ, demonstrated by the Fruit of the Spirit.
4. Unity: Developing in brave communication and healthy relationships.


Releases the individual to lead others, develop teams and be a team captain

realXperience Requirements:

1. Recommendation from your "phase two" team captain
2. P.R.O.B.E.
3. Transformational Living
4. Administrative Class

Character Development:

1. Passion: Empower others and duplicate yourself
2. Kingdom-Minded Leadership: Cultivate an atmosphere of oneness by being a team player
3. Rest: freedom from self-ambition, self-condemnation and self -preservation. 
4. Joy: Finding contentment in the will of God; becoming more generous with your time, talent and treasures as Holy Spirit leads.

Join One of Our Spring, Fall or Winter Workshops

If you are interested in being equipped for leadership, want to receive a deeper understanding of God’s word and/or desire an intimate experience with each person of the Trinity, then become involved with our realXperience.  

All are Welcome, RLM attendance is not required.

For additional information you may call the office anytime at 330.965.6300